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muslim japanese fashion
hijab tutorials 
8th-Sep-2010 11:30 am
Heya all, Eid is coming up again, so I've been googling for some new hijab tutorials. Here are my favs:

youtube channel:
I like her cos she's got many styles and explains it all pretty well. Some creative ideas too. And while most of the styles reveal some neck, its easy to tweak it to be more modest :)

My fav by Yaz is this one:
cos she pins a tank top to the hijab to make it more modest AND allows for necklaces. sweet! <3
(the way i'd do it for Eid is just to use a small headscarf inside instead of a tank top, or i'll die in the heat)

another website wif many tutorials:

Have fun exploring, and happy Ramadan!
12th-Sep-2010 01:04 pm (UTC)
Wow thanks for the links ^.^
I often think about changing the way of wearing my veil but don't have enough imagination to make somethink beautiful; now with those I'll be able to wear it in a different way~
Oh and BTW happy -late- Eid to u too~
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